Be Alert & Exercise Caution


  1. Bat at your own risk
  2. ​Always wear a helmet when using the batting cage
  3. No cleats or open toed shoes permitted inside the cages
  4. Only one batter at a time in the cage - L screen must be used during live pitch
  5. ​Keep the door closed while batting is in progress
  6. Stand away from the netting
  7. Never climb on or hang from the cage
  8. Do not practice swing or warm up outside the cages
  9. Never stand in front of the pitching machine or on home plate 
  10. Watch out for stray balls at your feet
  11. No gum, food, or drink in the batting cages
  12. Return all balls to the machine when your cage time is over
  13. Management has the right to refuse service
  14. No adjusting the pitching machines
  15. Waiver must be signed prior to play

Play SAFE & have FUN!