​Ball Players and Teams

The Batting Cages is an indoor batting and pitching facility for all ball players and leagues – Baseball, Softball, Slow pitch and Fastball. All skill levels and all ages are welcome. 

Our batting cages are bright, netted enclosures and each one has an Iron Mike Pitching Machine. These machines are the best and by far the favorite of professionals, coaches and  players. It is the only arm style pitching machine where the batter can see the wind up, then release of the ball. This enables you to improve on timing and shifting of weight – the fundamentals of batting. This machine pitches at speeds between 35 to 80 MPH and speed can be adjusted depending on skill level.

Practice pitching in the pitching cage and choose from the Pro or Jr. Promound. Track your progress with the radar target and record your pitch speed, balls, strikes and count. Watch your hard work in the cage pay off! 

Customize your batting cage experience. You can live pitch with the L-screen, use T's or hit off the machine. No more hauling buckets of balls and T-s to practise, all equipment is provided at no additional cost.

Host your next team practise or event at our bright, spacious facility. 

Private facility rental available. Please Inquire with our staff for details.

Elevate your game at The Batting Cages!